What Happens to My Auto Insurance if I Get a DUI?

Being charged with driving under the influence, or getting a DUI, is a major and serious offense. The immediate result of getting a DUI will be that your drivers license is suspended and it is possible that your Texas auto insurance company will drop you from your policy, leaving you uninsured and helpless. Once your mandatory license suspension period is over, if you want to get your license back you will be required to show proof that you carry acceptable Texas auto insurance. That means delivering an SR-22 form that proves that you are insured after your high-risk driving behavior.

Finding an insurance company that will cover you after a DUI and enable you to present an SR-22 form that will allow you to get your license back can be a challenge. Finding insurance after a DUI is not impossible, but it is very difficult. You will have to seek out an insurance company that specialized in SR-22s and other high-risk type auto insurance coverage; perhaps they will offer an option like liability-only auto insurance.

After a DUI conviction, you will be classified as a high-risk car insurance driver. Your current car insurance carrier has the option of either cancelling your policy or requiring you to pay an increased monthly premium in order to get the bare minimum car insurance required for driving. You have to contact your car insurance carrier and obtain a valid car insurance policy at their new rates, or find a new car insurance company that has a minimum rate you can afford given your DUI.

Going through the motions of dealing with a Texas auto insurance company after a DUI is necessary because you will not be able to get your driver’s license back after the suspension period is over unless you carry current, valid Texas auto insurance. You will have to present your insurance coverage and your SR-22 form to the DMV to have your license re-instated. The SR-22 form lets them know the extent of your financial responsibility to the insurance company and their liability levels for you.

After the DMV sees your valid SR-22 insurance form and proof of coverage, you will be able to have your license re-instated. Take the extra time with your insurance company to fully understand the details of your new policy and of your SR-22 form to make sure you don’t encounter any surprises at the DMV when you are just trying to get your license back.

Not all insurance companies have auto insurance options for drivers with a DUI on their record. If your Texas auto insurance is cancelled as a result of a DUI conviction then it is unlikely that that insurance company will be willing to cover you again or work with you to complete a necessary SR-22 form. At this point you can shop around some non-traditional insurance options. Look especially for companies who specialize in SR-22s or who have liability-only insurance options.

If your policy is properly canceled or non-renewed, you will still be able to find car insurance by shopping for a new car insurance policy. Regardless of what new carrier you find, you rates will most certainly be higher because you are now a high-risk driver to insurance companies. When shopping for new insurance that will provide adequate coverage after your DUI conviction, which means they will cover you completely and work with you on your SR-22, you should be sure to shop around and find the best fit for your particular situation.

If you have a DUI on your record, there are still options available. Dillo Insurance covers drivers with a DUI or DWI on their record and provides cheap Texas auto insurance and no credit check auto insurance regardless of your past driving history. If you’ve been cancelled by your current company or are buying insurance for the first time, Dillo offers affordable options for a substandard driving record.

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